Warcross Wiki

"For the millions who log on every day, Warcross isn't just a game- it's a way of life."

Warcross is a video game created by Hideo Tanaka at the age of 13. Players either wear the NeuroLink glasses or contacts to see the virtual reality world of warcross. The game is on a player v.s player basis, where the ultimate goal is to get to the other team's Artifact before they get yours. The Artifact is a gem kept by the Leader of each team. While it the usual purpose of the game is for the players to battle against one another, there is an annual tournament where the top players of Warcross team up and battle against one another. The tournament consists of sixteen teams, each with five members (the Captain (the keeper of the Artifact), an Architect, a Thief, a Shield, and a Fighter). Before the official games begin a Wardraft is held where the teams get to pick up to two 'wildcards' (there are forty wildcards chosen and they are usually high ranking players or chosen by a lottery) who also join the teams.

The Captain's job is to lead his/her team throughout the gameplay and keep the Artifact safe. The Architect can change the game's grounds by altering the environment and objects around them for their team. The Thief's task is to steal their opponent's power ups or any other objects the opponent might have. The Shield's job is to protect his/her team from the opponents. Last but not least, the Fighter's task is to attack the opponents.

Warcross is a very competitive game, and there are annual championships. This game could be held in a similar format to League of Legends.

In the game Warcross there are four roles to choose from; Fighter, Shield, Thief, and Architect.