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Tremaine Blackbourne
General Information
Birth Name: Tremaine Blackbourne
Fate: Alive
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Hair: Brown dyed blonde
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Pale
Family: Unnamed mother

Unnamed father

Significant other/s: Roshan Ahmadi
Allies: Emika Chen
Asher Wing
Hamilton Jiménez
Roshan Ahmadi
Enemies: Sasuke Tanaka
Dana Taylor

As a member of the Demon Brigade, Tremaine plays as their architect. Behind the scenes, he works as a hacker and bounty hunter for Hideo Tanaka.

Brief Warcross past.[]

Tremaine was previously the Phoenix Riders Architect. Before the events of Warcross, he left the Riders and joined the Demon Brigade as their new Architect.


Tremaine's father was arrested for shooting a cashier for money when Tremaine was young. He lived with his mother until a group had young children train in Warcross that Tremaine joined, showcasing his natural talent. After some time, Tremaine was put into the Wardraft to be taken in by a team. He was chosen by Asher Wing to be in the Phoenix Riders. Tremaine was able to afford to put his mother in rehab. He visits her every once in a while and has stated that he loves her.

Relation to main character[]

At first Emika hates Tremaine because he taunts her and calls her "Princess peach", but later on he helps Emika by sending her a file that confirms Ren's connection with Zero. In "Wildcard" Tremaine is sitting with all the other members of the Phoenix Riders discussing about some important decisions. He aids Emika into hacking into the Tokyo Innovation Institute of Technology, where he later gets injured in.


In Warcross, Tremaine comes off as rude, sarcastic, and intimidating, taunting Emika and calling her Princess Peach, or simply Peach. In Wildcard, he is kinder and even opens up about his past to Emika. In a scene at a bus stop, in Wild Card, Tremaine uses his old nickname Princess Peach for Emika. But this time it sounds more affectionate and nicer.

Significant other(s)[]

Roshan Ahmadi. As an ex, Roshan and Tremaine often avoided each other, because of the tension when they broke up. When leaving the Phoenix Riders, Tremaine lies to Roshan saying that he is staying with another person, and so is cheating on him. Although in reality it was that he overheard a conversation between Roshan and his father (Roshan's), stating that it would only be some time until Tremaine started to "follow his mother's footsteps" when he overdosed trying to keep up with the rest of the team. Heartbroken, Tremaine leaves the Phoenix Riders behind and joins Demon Brigade.

Though they are seen as distant from each other, the two actually have been secretly been in contact thoughout the series, and care for each other. Noting the message Tremaine sent to Roshan when his files were being searched, and when Roshan asked him to keep an eye on Emika. When Tremaine gets shot, Roshan was the last to leave the hospital, worried for his ex.

They plan to go back to London together at the end of wildcard.