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Roshan Ahmadi
General Information
Occupation: Shield (Phoenix Riders)
Fate: Alive
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Hair: Black curls
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Brown
Family: Mother (prominent member of Britain's parliament)
Father (owns one of the world's largest shipping companies)
Older Brother (married a Duchess)
Older Sister (surgeon)
Cousin (related to royalty)
Significant other/s: Tremaine Blackbourne
Allies: Hamilton Jiménez
Asher Wing
Emika Chen
Tremaine Blackbourne
Renoir Thomas (formerly)
Hideo Tanaka
Enemies: Zero

Roshan is the Shield for the Warcross team The Phoenix Riders.


Tremaine Blackbourne

Tremaine and Roshan are old teammates and they were originally friends. Tremaine broke up with Roshan and lied about cheating on him, causing a lot of tension between the two in the series. In Wildcard Tremaine explains truth of why he left the Phoenix Raiders for Demon Brigade instead, which is the real reason. Although avoiding each other throughout the whole series, Roshan still cared for Tremaine and sat by his bedside when he was in the hospital. In the end, the two plan to return to London together.

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