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Jackson "Jax" Taylor
General Information
Nickname/s: Jax
Age: 18-19
Occupation: Assassin
Fate: Alive
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Grey
Family: Dana Taylor (Adopted Mother)
Allies: Zero / Sasuke Tanaka

Jackson 'Jax' Taylor is a character that appears on the beginning of Wildcard when she saves Emika Chen from some bounty hunters from the Dark World who wants her dead. She is a member of the Blackcoats.

Physical Appearance and Background[]

She is described as a steel cold-eyed young woman with short, silver colored hair, she wears black lipstick. She is an assassin since a very young age due to the training she received ordered by her adopting mother. She always have a handgun put in her belt and she often plays with the trigger. Her background is unknown, she was a sick and dying girl who was in the clinical trial with Sasuke Tanaka and other kids in the same condition. She was later adopted by Doctor Dana Taylor, who continued the trials on her own with Sasuke and her. She became a assassin so that she could be useful to the Blackcoats.


She was raised to be cold and serious murderess. She is a quick thinker and has no fear when it comes to killing someone. Later in the book we can see her fidgeting with the trigger of her handgun, action that shows her nervousness and humanity behind her expressionless gaze.


Sasuke Tanaka

As a kid in the clinical trial, she became friends with Sasuke Tanaka who later passed to be her close friend in the Japan Innovation Institute of Technology where they both were as test subjects

Dana Taylor

Jackson's adoptive mother, which used her as a test subject for her illness along with Sasuke Tanaka, Jax later claims that she didn't raise her motherly, but it's hard to erase the fact that she feels Taylor as a mother.