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Hamilton Jiménez
General Information
Birth Name: Hamilton Jiménez
Nickname/s: Hammie
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Thief (Phoenix Riders)
Fate: Alive
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Tan
Height: Same as Emika
Family: Unnamed Father and mother, sister Brooke
Significant other/s: Asher Wing
Allies: Roshan Ahmadi,

Asher Wing, Emika Chen, Tremaine Blackbourne

Enemies: Hideo Tanaka

Zero (former)

Hamilton is a Professional Warcross Player and part of the team Phoenix Riders. She is the team's Thief and is shown to excel in her position.


Hammie has curly black hair and brown eyes. Her skin is said to be brown, and she has a round face. She's about the same height as Emika, but it is stated that the jut of her chin makes her look taller than she is.


Hamilton is tough, enthusiastic and chill. She is passionate about Warcross and chess. She is easy-going and friendly. However, she can also be restless and impatient at times, and is irritated when things don't move at the pace that she likes.

She is very sharp-witted and skilled at chess and Warcross, and this has made her very keen and observant. She can predict a person's movements by observing their body language, and can think many steps ahead of her opponent, which is why no one in the series has ever been able to defeat her in chess. She is also a great Warcross player for the same reasons, and is able to move at almost superhuman speed in-game due to how quickly she thinks.

She is also reasonably good at fashion and makeup, as shown when she helps Emika pick out a dress for the ball at the Tokyo Museum of Contemporary art, and does her hair and makeup, though she is not fond of anyone touching her hair or doing any makeup for her.

She is also a big Potterhead, when Emika first meets her she is wearing a Quidditch T-shirt.


Emika Chen[]

Hammie's Friendship with Emika started after they met at the Phoenix Riders dorm and they became fast friends. She helped Emika with her training for the games. They seem to have an easy-going and friendly relationship and appear to be close.

Asher Wing[]

Hammie appears to be close to Asher as they are very friendly with each other. He refers to her as his right-hand girl and they are seen exchanging small, romantic gestures throughout both novels.


  • Hammie loves chess and even plays rounds of speed chess, and she never loses. Roshan even warned Emika to never play a game of chess with her.
  • Asher refers to her as his 'right-hand girl' which may be a reference to Hamilton: An American Musical, in which Washington often refers to Hamilton as his "right-hand man".