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Asher Wing
General Information
Birth Name: Asher Wing
Nickname/s: Ash
Age: 19-25
Occupation: Captain (Phoenix Riders)
Fate: Alive
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Family: Daniel Wing (Brother)
Significant other/s: Hamilton Jiménez
Allies: Hamilton Jiménez

Roshan Ahmadi
Emika Chen

Asher Wing is the Captain of the Phoenix Riders. He appears at the beginning of Warcross, playing in the Warcross Opening Ceremony. 

Physical Appearance[]

Asher has brown hair that shines blond in bright light. He represents Los Angeles in the Warcross team, The Phoenix Riders. He is paralyzed from the waist down and uses a wheelchair (as shown in the image).


He's a fast thinker and loves analyzing other teams and people alike. He's a friendly person (according to Emika), and is a thoughtful and great captain.


Hamilton Jiménez[]

Asher and Hamilton (Hammie) share a close relationship. They have shown a small amount of, potentially, romantic behaviour, like when Hammie noted that Hideo Tanaka “rocks a suit”, he was visibly annoyed. Emika notices the two of them sitting on a coach very close to each other.